Affordable Residential Substance Use Treatment

Help Ignite Hope, Passion and P​urpose​​

***Donations can be received from INDIVIDUALS in all states; however, currently we can only accept donations from BUSINESSES in the following states: TX, AZ, WY, ID, MT, MT, SD,NE, IA, IN, VT, DE. More states to come!”
More states to come!

Men's Treatment
If you are ready to look beyond the setbacks of your current situation; are ready to engage a purpose-filled life and are willing to receive guidance for this journey, we believe that you will recover and serve yourself, family and community with pride and excellence. 
Recovery Supportive Housing
Needing accountability, structure and a safe sober environment as you continue on your journey towards sobriety? Our Recovery Supportive Housing can help you!
 Women's Treatment
Our 8 bed women's program is an Christian inspired program that provides a intimate and safe setting to explore your substance use issues and how this has impacted you as a woman.
Check out our New Logo!
We are so excited to introduce our new logo! Recovery is a heart journey and everyone starts on different parts of the road. No matter where you are on this path to healing, our goal is to help ignite your hope again. By igniting your hope, you can begin believing in yourself and see that there is more to life than what you can currently see. There is a future beyond this...we want to help you find it.

What do you love now that you can see clearly? What sets your heart on fire? Once your hope and passion are ignited, you can find the purpose for the pain you have experienced. Finding this reason allows you to start living your purpose every day, which we feel is key to sustaining recovery and happiness. 

In the center of our logo, you may see a fish. This fish is in the center of the heart to represent our roots as a Christian inspired organization, which is at the heart of everything we do. You do not have to hold these same values or beliefs to benefit from our program. 

Just a Snap Shot
A New Entry, Inc. provides affordable residential substance use treatment services that is cheaper than most insurance deductables. We may have some assistance available for those who are indigent and for Veterans.

We also provide recovery supportive housing for men in need of a high structured environment and are new to recovery. This program also provides counseling and case management.
We are excited to announce we just re-signed two of our 5-year contracts with the VA! 

We are so excited to serve Veterans for years to come! Current services for Veterans include Residential Treatment, Recovery Supportive Housing and Emergency Housing. If you are a Veteran and need services, click here.

A New Entry, Inc. was born in 2004 after our founder was called to provide services for men who were experiencing losses associated with homelessness, incarceration and substance use disorders. We became a 501(c) 3 organization in 2005 and have grown from a 6-man recovery supportive home to now serving up to 80 individuals a day at two locations here in Austin, Texas.
A New Entry believes in its mission to see every individual touched by addiction restored to their God designed passionate purpose. We believe that every experience can serve us in the building of our future. No one has to walk alone and we believe that our compassionate experience will help you on your journey.

Your Privacy is Important to Us

A New Entry, Inc. complies with all Privacy Laws and maintains high-level procedures to ensure all records and information are kept confidential. We agree not to use or disclose any protected health information other than as permitted or required by agreement or law.
All employees, contractors, visitors, etc. are required to sign a Business Associate Agreement confirming all necessary safeguards and precautions are taken in order to protect clients' protected health information.
In order to disclose protected health information, a Release of Information form must be signed by the client, and a log of all disclosures must be kept on file. A New Entry, Inc. cannot confirm or deny the presence of a client without signed approval to do so on file.