Recovery Supportive Housing: Webberville

Our Men’s recovery supportive housing program is located in the convenient 78721 zip code, with access to four capital metro bus lines the 18, 6, 300 and the 323. Our program offers case management, counseling, support groups and structured life skills classes. We take pride in knowing our facility is clean and well maintained.

Services also include:

· Laundry room

· Computer Lab for employment search

· Resources Center

· 3 meals per day

· Staffed 24 hours a day/7 days per week.

Our goal during your stay is to work together to develop strategies that help you move into a safe and healthy posture of personal integrity and lasting sobriety. We do not provide emergency housing. Therefore, it make take a few hours up to a few weeks to enroll in the program based on availability. All potential residents must complete an application and interview process in order to be accepted.

Having all clients participate in their placement helps keep a consistent posture of clients going in the same positive and successful direction. We work closely with other agencies to reinforce the goals and outcomes you already have established with your outside case managers. We believe that structure and accountability are a necessary part of community reintegration and is the basis of our programming. Potential Clients should self-manage their own recovery while they seek employment and search for permanent housing.

Webberville is a Sober environment where the focus is to remain sober. Working two jobs or in excess of 40 hours a week is highly discouraged. Working in a career that continually puts you at risk for relapse is discouraged. If this is your present need then Webberville is likely not going to be a good fit. We are recovery supportive and believe a balance is necessary to keep your focus on your sobriety.

Webberville is not a long-term housing situation program. It is a temporary, safe and stable place to get your feet back under you. Clients will typically stay from 3 to 6 months and should client need to stay longer (Another week up to three months) we offer a self-pay opportunity while waiting for an employment position or a permanent housing opportunity to open up.

Housing Requirements:

Attend 3 aftercare weekly – AA, NA, Bible Study and Church

Attend the weekly house meeting – Sundays at 6:00PM

Meet with case manager weekly – based on your schedule

Participate in life skills practices - facilities organization

Remain sober - Pass random drug and UA test

Embrace our Process- Be Engaged with the home

For availability and placement please contact Roland Harrison at (512) 464-1250 X153