Women's Treatment

Maggie's House

The program is comprised of evidence-based curriculum, Christian based material, class participation, group therapy and individual therapy.  The program addresses:  Christianity at the core of the individual, Drug & Alcohol Education, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Family/Social Education, Life Skills & Work Development Training, Physical Health & Nutrition, Relapse Prevention and Continuum of Care Planning.  Success in the program will be dependent on the level of performance and effort demonstrated by the client.

This program address issues that are unique to women to include: 
o Self-esteem/Self-worth 
o Celebrate Recovery 
o Drug & Alcohol Education 
o Relapse Prevention 
o Codependency 
o Women & Anger 
o Mental & Emotional Health 
o Community & Identity 
o Relationships & Recovery

All clients will also complete an assessment with a licensed counselor or counseling intern to assess history of drug/alcohol use, psychiatric disturbance, legal issues, family/relationship history and medical history. This assessment is used to create a personalized treatment plan to provide appropriate referrals as needed in order to ensure each client is getting all aspects of recovery addressed during treatment. Our approach also allows ladies to get established in other community resources who will be key to client support upon completion. If you are not interested in participating in a Christian based program, please contact us for appropriate referrals.

Program Structure

Our program is unique in that we can provide several levels of care based on each individuals need. Length of stay will be dependent on each individual client’s need, but can range anywhere from 30-180 days.

Phase I: Intensive Residential (30-45 days)
Phase II: Supportive Residential (30-60 days)
Phase III: Recovery Maintenance (90 days) 

For a treatment inquiry call:
512-464-1250 Ext 104